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Many people dream of a holiday where they can enjoy their time in a peaceful hammock with a stunning view of the ocean; well, for Digital Nomads, whatever setting they choose can become their workplace if they have their laptop and good internet access. Digital Nomads have become a post-COVID reality and Costa Rica has thus been a place where they find comfort and are able to experience the famous ‘Pura Vida’ lifestyle while they maintain their businesses or jobs from afar.

Ever since Costa Rica reopened its doors back in November 1 2020 to all 50 states, Digital Nomads have been packing their bags  (and laptops) and flying to the different beach towns the country has to offer.  Be it  Nosara , Santa Teresa, Tamarindo or the Limón coast, people have no problem staying in these places for many months and still be in touch with their duties , and that is why this law will have a mayor impact in the number of expats wanting to come and live in Costa Rica.

This past Monday in Costa Rica’s legislative assembly, the first debate regarding the passing of the law to attract Digital Nomads ended  with a 41 to 1 voting in favor. The “Law to Attract International Workers and Remote Service Providers”, or Law No. 22215, is still under revision, but its main goal is to allow Digital Nomads to legally stay in the country for a year with the possibility of extending their stay for an additional year in case it suits them. Moreover, the beneficiaries will be exonerated from local income tax payment and any import taxes that can result from bringing personal devices that are necessary to do their jobs. In case you want to rent a car while you are here, don’t worry, your valid foreign drivers license would  be accepted while you enjoy your stay in the country.

One of the restrictions that must be noted is that people who are under this condition will not be able to do paid work in the national territory different from the one that  has been registered once the expat has arrived.

After the first debate, the legislative presidency has now fixed a date for the second debate taking place Tuesday the 13th of July. Stay tuned for more news regarding advances of the law.

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